Pain Points


Drainage is a common problem with poorly built driveways and parking lots. In all cases the preparation is the most critical part of building a well built paved area. Drainage creates the proper slope, which allows for the proper flow of water.

Asphalt must have a 2% slope in order for water to flow properly. Establishing a proper slope means no puddles, standing water, or ice patches, all of which can lead to the premature degradation of your asphalt.

Where you direct the flow of water is equally important for the following reasons:

  • Town regulations may prohibit the flow of water towards the street.
  • High volume in a single location creates ponds, dead grass, or unhappy neighbors.
  • Misdirected water towards or near your house can cause basement flooding, foundation deterioration, and a host of other water issues.

Enough can’t be said about how critical proper slope is to the drainage and longevity of your driveway. To learn more about solutions to this problem see our blog or contact us at 603-889-PAVE for a no cost estimate.

Dirt Gravel Driveway

Dirt and gravel driveways are a common nuisance. They promote a dirty, dusty environment in dry, hot weather and muddy conditions on rainy days and in the Spring.

Snow plowing or snow blowing a gravel driveway will wreak havoc on the plow, snow blower, and your lawn.

Paving a new driveway will address all of these concerns. You will have a cleaner home and yard, no mud and puddles, proper drainage, and snow clearing is a breeze.

Teen/Additional Parking

You probably didn’t’ plan your driveway for one day accommodating the additional parking of your teenage children. Are they parking on the grass or are you playing musical cars at the end of the day? Not having enough parking can wreak havoc on all members of the family and easily create chaos!

Creating and paving additional parking spots will easily solve this ongoing problem. Everyone can have their own spot and your landscaping will be relieved of parking vehicles.

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