Our Services

TSI offers many paving related services for residential and commercial jobs. Whether its new construction, repair and/or adding to an existing paved area, drainage concerns, or seal coat & crack filling, TSI can hand your paving construction needs. Call us and we will meet with you, discuss your needs then follow up with a proposal in a timely and professional manner


The most important concern for building the better driveway is the foundation. Asphalt is not stable; it relies on a good, solid base to sit on. Generally speaking the area must be excavated to approximately 10” below proposed finish grade. A minimum of 6” of ¾” crushed gravel must be placed, graded and compacted before paving. There are some instances where additional gravel must be added due to unfavorable pre-existing conditions and/or special measures be taken to address high water table or drainage issues. In many cases, the preparation is 75-80% responsible for the final outcome of a job.

Paving should be done in 2 layers:

  • The first layer is a compacted 2” of ¾” binder.
  • The second layer is an additional 1” of ½” top.
  • The edges of the pavement are tamped to strengthen the sides and promote nicer straighter lines.

Special attention must be given to the following:

  • Drainage: a minimal 2% slope.
  • Tie into road and sidewalks with saw-cut edges and emulsion.
  • Paving to local codes. Most cities and towns mandate a permit.
  • Consider irrigation – conduits should be placed in the gravel before paving to allow pipe and wire to cross the driveway.
  • Overlay – to overlay an existing driveway it must not be cracked or broken up and the slop must be good

General Sitework

We can address general sitework – excavations like foundations for additions to homes, filling in deep low areas or cutting down high areas. Final grading of gravel driveways and other miscellaneous services. Also replenishing new stone on stone driveways, top soil, stone materials and drainage culverts.

Culvert Pipe

Culvert pipe replacement – repair at the end of driveways.

Seal Coat

Seal coating and striping.